Friday, 8 October 2010

Spike Jonze

I have chosen to research music video director Spike Jonze. Spike Jonze has directed such famous music videos as "Buddy Holly" by Weezer and "Praise you by Fatboy Slim.
Spike Jonze's videos have a high level of entropy as he often tries to create something outside of what you would expect from a standard music video. The "Buddy Holly" video is entropic as it is not what you would expect from this band. Weezer are a rock band so you would not expect them to adopt the smart, formal style of the 1950s band and the audience would also not expect this kind of setting (TV show "Happy Days"), you would probably expect them to adopt a more "rebellious" and entropic attitude like many other rock bands. The video also uses audio from the original TV show, which is unusual for a music video. You can see throughout all of Spike Jonze's videos that all of them have an entropic twist, none of them conform to genre conventions which is what makes them interesting and different. Spike Jonze's original and creative videos show an Auteur signature of entropy and comedy as most of his videos have an element of comedy to them, often from the strangeness of the video itself. Most of Spike Jonze's videos don't adhere to Proppian or Todorovian narrative structure, they are instead more abstract art pieces. The target audience for "Buddy Holly" would be tennage males aged 16-20, probably students or C1, C2 or D on the Jicnar scale.

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  1. Jack, there just simply isn't enough analysis of music videos in this blog. You have to analyse videos in depth in order to begin the planning process. How will you know how to make a music video, if you haven't analysed any in depth?

    Take two (its too late to do 4 now) Analyse them as if they were TV dramas (like we did in the first year) - cinematography, mise en scene, sound and editing. This is something you can do (you demonstrated this last year), so there is no excuse!

    At present this is level 2 - D/E grade.