Friday, 8 October 2010

Research and Planning

This is a typical pop music video. The style of this video is Performance/Narrative as there is a small thread of story but we mostly see Katy Perry performing ; singing and dancing. I would classify this video as "Amplifying" as it is not directly representing the meaning of the song instead showing a fantasy world that still fits in with most of the lyrics. This video shows a lot of typical conventions of pop music videos such as the sexualised females and lots of focus on the main singer, with lots of close-ups. Because of this I find this video redundant however it has a degree of entropy depending on the audience because of unusual "Candyland" setting. The video represents women in a way typical to music video conventions and the ideology of pop music. Women are mostly displayed in a sexualised way or as "sex objects". The way the main singer is shot with lots of close-up and the mise en scene and costume creates this idea of sexual objectification. The way the singer in this video is represented is voyeuristic which relates to Laura Mulvey's theory that film is seen through the point of view of a heterosexual man and as such are often represented as sexualised and fetishistic, this point of view is especially evident in the video from 00:57 - 01:08. This theory is known as "The Male Gaze". The target audience for this video would be 12-16 year old girls who are students at school. They are mainstreamers and will listen to anything that's on the radio. It also has a smaller audience of teenage males who enjoy the video for the sexualised females and the guest vocals by rapper Snoop Dogg. Many viewers will take an oppositional reading and think that the depiction of women is over-sexualised.

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  1. Are there any theorists who might help you to discuss this video?


    who are these people and what did they say?