Friday, 1 October 2010

Research, music videos

This music video is very entropic. The way the band is shot as they play is quite redundant and generic as we see this style of filming in lots of heavy metal videos. The fast paced editing goes well with the fast tempo of the song. The imagery of the old man working on insects in entropic as the audience doesn't know what it is intended to mean. The lighting is typical of heavy metal videos dark but with bright background lights. This style of music is entropic as it is very heavy and uses mostly screaming vocals. The mise-en-scene has the band performing in a small room in which the old man is seen working. The style of the video is dark and serious which reflects the tone of the music itself. The target audience for this video is 16-19 year old males, most likely individualists who are probably D or C2 on the Jicnar scale, possibly students, middle class. This audience would identify with the members of the band and may have aspirations to be in a similar band and play and instrument.

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