Thursday, 18 November 2010

Our Pitch

This is the powerpoint presentation for our music video, "Numbers" by AlterVertigo.
We recieved some good feedback from our classmates which helped us consider whether we were going about our video in the right way. Many commented that the zombie/undead idea would be to difficult to look convincing in a student video, however if we take a more symbolic approach I feel the eerie atmosphere and effect can be acheived. Here are some of the comments students in our class gave to the powerpoint presentation:
  • "Sounds really interesting but it could be hard to achieve a convincing looking undead creature."
  • "I love the ideas and look forward to seeing the final product. I like the location choices and theme of the video."
  • "The song is a good choice for this kind of video, could be difficult to achieve but still soundss good."

Monday, 15 November 2010

Audience Board

This audience board shows a variety of imagery that we associate with out target audience. This includes interests, hobbies and preferences. It would be mostly males aged 16-20. They would be interested in going to gigs, getting drunk with friends and would be described as hedonists/individualists, ranking c1-D on the Jicnar scale. Many will still be in education. They will enjoy bands such as Metallica and Rage Against the Machine and will like tattoos and activities such as skateboarding.