Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Redundancy, Entropy, Convention and Genre

"Generic texts have mass appeal." - I agree with this quotation to a certain extend as the more people that can identify with the subject matter the more people will enjoy it, however if something is too generic then audiences will find it boring and repetitive. Music videos must strike a good balance of generic ideas and entropic ideas to appeal to the largest audience.

"Creative media texts are highly entropic." - This is true because all creative media must have an element of entropy or else it would be boring and worthless. People are intrigued by creative media because it adds the element of entropy that we would not normally see in everyday life. Most creative texts also contain a lot of redundant elements as well, some more than others depending on genre, so that most people can relate and understand it.

"Genre is dependant on high degrees of redundancy" - The recognisable features of a specific genre can be considered quite redundant as in order to recognise it as a part of a genre it must contain elements that we see in all media of this genre.

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