Friday, 10 September 2010

Video Skills - Technical and Planning

Creativity/Originality - I think the most important thing in a creative project is to have an original idea. I am confident that I can think up interesting and original ideas in most areas of media.

Camera Skills - I would like to improve my camera skills as I have not had much experience with operating the camera.

Storyboarding - I need to do more storyboards as they are the best way of displaying how the film is intended to look. You can use photographic storyboards or drawn storyboards, drawn storyboards are mostly useful for planning whereas photographic storyboards are useful for analysis after the filming is finished with.

Actors, performers and Models - It is important to get the right person for the role and in order to get the best performance it must be clear to them what the intention of the work is, so it is important to communicate well with your performer.

Reconnaissance - I need to do more recce as I have previously overlooked this part of the work. I will make notes on lighting, possible noise sources, health and safety implications, etc as often as possible.

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