Monday, 28 June 2010

Music video task

We re-created the first 50 seconds of the following video, "What I Go To School For" by pop group "Busted":

Digital Technology - During this task I became more proficient in using the digital video camera, over the course I would like to develop my editing and filming skills so that I can produce high quality footage in a shorter amount of time.

Research and Planning - For research and planning our group created useful things such as a video storyboard and a shooting script. The shooting script proved very useful for helping the group get organized and working around times when some members of the group were absent. The shooting script made the filming process much more efficient because we instantly knew what was needed for the shot and helps us get organized. The video storyboard was even more more useful as allowed the group to see each shot quickly as well as the timing for each shot.

Post-Production - I improved my editing skills and enjoyed using programs like Premiere Pro. I began to consider things such as continuity and the flow and timings of shots more than before. When making a music video I had to consider how the timing of each shot went with the beat and rhythm of the music.

I feel this project could have been improved if we had redone some shots that didn't come out as well as we had hoped and by also getting more people in the class so it looked more realistic.

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  1. The lip sync activity needs embedding as does the final Busted video.

    What aspect of the filming do you think could be improved? What would make your video look better - Imagine you had no budget constraints!

    Did the shooting script make the filming process more efficient?

    We don't use Final Cut Pro! We use Premiere Pro. What tools did you actually use on this program. Did you consider the timing of cuts in relation to the beats and the rhythm?