Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Redundancy and Entropy in Music Videos

This video is quite entropic but is easier to understand if you can follow the narrative. This video makes fun of other types of music that aren't heavy metal type music such as the Goth band, the pop singer, the rappers, the acoustic guitar band etc. At the end of the video all these bands die and the real band comes in to finish the song. The last shot reveals that the other musicians were killed by a Death Note. This video is entropic as we don't expect to see all of these musician stereotypes in one video even though it is making fun of them. The image of the goth band is entropic as they have a very unusual and over the top look about them and its not something we expect to see. The second half of this video is quite redundant as it is what we would expect to see in a heavy metal music video which is the band performing.
This video is entropic as the appearance of the monster is something bizarre that people would not expect to see in a music video.

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