Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Question 3 - What have you learned from your audience feedback?

For my audience feedback I asked my audience a number of questions which we carefully considered so as to get the optimum quality of useful comments and things that would help us in the future. We were very interested to find out not just how the target audience reacted to the video but also someone who was not in the target audience so we asked people from both groups. Our target audience would be something like this:
  • Aged 14-20
  • A fan of rock and metal music
  • Mostly males, some females
  • Like to attend gigs, drink, go out with friends
  • Be "Individualists" and probably a student in college or secondary school
These are the questions we asked:

-Did you enjoy the video and why?
This question is important to gauge how the target audience would receive the product on a basic level and to see if the audience recognized our aims and if we achieved them.
-Do you understand the link between the lyrics and the visual imagery?
The narrative of the video is deliberately ambiguous so as to represent the entropic style of the music but we hoped the audience would have an idea of the themes so we felt it important to confirm this.
-What would you change/what could be improved?
This will help us in future work and help us reflect on the things that we failed to accomplish in the video.
-How well does this video fit the genre (rock/metal)?
This question will help us understand how recognizable the video is as a part of the chosen genre.
-Did you think the editing was well done?
This question was intended to see how the target audience would react to the entropic editing style.

I also posted the video on my Facebook, Twitter and personal blog, asking my contacts for comments, here are some of the comments I received:

"you keep the same frame for a while on loads of them and i think it makes it a bit boring but then with the different angles you mix it up a bit which is quite cool. i think more locations would of made it a bit more exciting but from 2:18 ...when it get super speedy, like you get crazy and it looks sick and a bit more professional." - Vicky Handley, 18

"I didn't really understand some of the story but it looks proffessional so good effort!"

"its starts slow but I liked the quicker pace of the second half"

"they look like a proper band, really convincing"

"a bit too similar to some other videos like you me at six so a bit boring in a way but i still found it fun to watch"

"The image of the dead girl is pretty edgy, i liked it though :)"

From these comments I decided that people found the first portion of the video a little too slow and could have been better with more movement in the camera and perhaps some more different locations and shots.

It seemed that most of the people who viewed the video took a preferred reading whilst some took an negotiated reading, few took an oppositional reading. The viewers who enjoyed the video took pleasure from the exciting nature of the video, the fast paced editing and energy of the performances. People who had a culture capital of the rock/metal video genre took a negotiated reading as they recognized the cliches included in our video that are a very common occurance of the genre but still enjoyed watching it anyway.

I also asked some members of my target audience about my Print Production task.

"I thought this album cover looks quite professional but maybe you could have used some different camera angles for the people in the band"
Although it was my intention to keep the camera angles consistent some people found them boring so would have preferred me to use some more varied shots.

"I liked the front cover and inside but the back cover was a bit messy"
I think some people reacted negatively to the back cover because the font of the text is a little hard to read as the colours are similar to the background.

"I liked it because it's different from the standard band album art"
This comment links with the comment made by Aaron (18) in the feedback video, he commented that "the scenery is a bit random...[but it is] a good thing because it's different and not copying other things." To me this indicates that people who enjoy rock/metal music enjoy the originality of it and respond well to new, entropic ideas and things that have not been attempted before which was something I aimed to do in the planning stages and as these comments would indicate I feel I have succeeded to achieve this.

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